tcl red angus cheyenne wyoming

Established in 2007

TCL RED ANGUS is located 25 miles northwest of Cheyenne, Wyoming on Horse Creek Road.   

TC and KIm Berry put a lot of thought into their Red Angus cattle.  They made herd management decisions that led them to purchase a few registered heifers from top breeders to begin their registered herd.  

In 2012, they started TCL Red Angus and have a Private treaty offering every year.  They still have a commercial cow herd that share the same herd sires as the registered herd.  After all, they have to make sure that the Sires they are choosing are meeting their expectations on all levels, from birth to weaning and then on to finishing.  They have had the opportunity to watch what their steers have done after they leave and have been very impressed with their results.


Their focus is producing a range ready bull that can withstand their altitude, climate and terrain without giving up the maternal traits that they believe in and that the Red Angus breed is known for.    The bulls never leave the ranch near Cheyenne WY.  They are born and finished here.  We have found that PAP testing is crucial to our program.  Operating at 6,700 feet, brisket disease is something that has affected them every year to the point that it has become one of our top priorities.  They believe that to be able to give their customers the most accurate test score, they have the perfect constant to do so by making sure their bulls are born and raised at a high altitude.     Contact us for Red Angus bulls and livestock for sale.

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