Registered and Commercial Red Angus Cow Herd

 Our females are the pinnacle of our operation.  We cannot put enough emphasis on how important it is to have a female that is quiet, low maintenance and has the ability to raise a calf to be proud of year after year.  We like a female that is moderate framed, sound on her feet and legs and has the right udder to produce big, healthy calves again and again.

We start calving March 1 and calve for 45 days.  Our registered and commercial herd are ran together all year, except for breeding season.  They aren’t on any special program.  They receive Purina mineral tubs and native grass hay in the fall/winter months and mineral tubs in the spring/summer months to help supplement them through calving and raising their calves.  When we wean in October, our commercial calves go straight on the truck and our registered bulls get started on a Purina starter feed.  They then go on from there to a self feeder of Accuration.  We start them with a 70/30 mix and as they grow and mature we work them up to a 50/50.  They are fed as much foliage as they want to consume.  We have found that this has worked great for them and keeping them sound and sure footed.  They are not kept in a feedlot setting and we feel that helps them to be range ready by May 1st.  Our registered females are treated just as our commercial replacement heifers are and receive only a mineral supplement.