tc, kim, tate and cooper berry

TCL Red Angus Family Focus

TC grew up on a ranch northeast of Cheyenne about 20 miles.  He is a fourth generation cattle rancher.  His great grandfather was the founder of Berry Herefords. 

TC started his Red Angus herd from getting all the red heifers that his father, a black Angus breeder, didn’t want.  He has always had an eye for red cattle and was more than willing to take them off his fathers’ hands.  

In 2007, TC married Kim Ravenscroft, from Hyannis, Nebraska.  Kim grew up on her family’s ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska.  They have two son's, Tate and Cooper that are a vital part of the ranch. 

Our Red Angus Program

 We start calving March 1 and calve for 45 days.  Our registered and commercial herd are ran together all year, except for breeding season.  They aren’t on any special program.  They receive Purina mineral tubs and native grass hay in the fall/winter months and mineral tubs in the spring/summer months to help supplement them through calving and raising their calves.  When we wean in October, our commercial calves go straight on the truck and our registered bulls get started on a Purina starter feed.